Who We Are


Mitchell is the proprietor of the finest bike shop in town, Dirty Fingers Bikes. His passion for bicycles and ironic humor is unparalleled. Through his shop, he forms the cornerstone of the Hood River bicycle community.


Brad is a man of discernment. He approaches bikes like beer: only the finest will do. When he is not at the shop, he can be found strolling through dewy meadows, picking flowers, and solving the world’s problems through positive thinking.


Joe told me something about himself once, but I couldn’t hear what he said. Rumor has it he is good at shredding on his bike(s) and dancing.


Miles (or Kilometres in the Queen’s English) is a true builder. He enjoys re-purposing old bicycles and assembling contraptions with whatever is at hand. Much like a chocolate truffle, he has a hard exterior that belies a soft, milky core.

Richard Robert

Ricky Bobby is one of two Dirty Fingers shop dogs. His sleek black fur never fails to impress the ladies, especially when sporting one of his famous summer haircuts. His hobbies include being pet, relaxing, and eating fallen food scraps.


Monty is perhaps the most important member of the DF crew. His relaxed attitude and detached demeanor make even incontinence look cool. Monty likes to spend his time begging for food, laying down, and grifting.